Virtual Planning and Construction

Beginning with programing and design and continuing throughout construction, Virtual Planning and Construction uses computer-based models to streamline complex building projects. McGough's design professionals create data-rich, three-dimensional digital representations that enable the project team to analyze the integration of project systems prior to the construction start.

This process, utilizes "Building Information Modeling" or "BIM", requiring collaborative decision-making, which is consistent with the McGough culture. We utilize such tools as modeling and simulation software, web-based viewing platforms, and BIM field applications to communicate with the entire project team. Benefits of virtual planning and construction enhance our ability to:

  • Visualize the project
  • Analyze design and construction
  • Coordinate trades
  • Prefabricate building components
  • Sequence construction
  • Manage inventory and delivery
  • Facilitate cost control
  • Create closeout documentation
  • Develop post-occupancy implementation