Construction Services

McGough's multi-generational construction experience influences and impacts every structure we build. With our unique history of building world-class corporate campuses, complex biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities, inspiring worship spaces, elegant residential properties and numerous other products of every size and configuration, McGough delivers on our clients' highest expectations for quality consistent with budgetary requirements. Typical services include the following:

  • Permitting: McGough typically obtains many of the requisite permits, licenses and government approvals.
  • Bidding and subcontractor selection: McGough works collaboratively with the owner and design team to provide drawings and specifications for bidding and awarding of subcontracts.
  • Construction supervision: McGough assigns experienced project managers and other supervisory personnel to coordinate all aspects of the construction process, providing general direction and monitoring subcontractor progress.
  • Subcontractor coordination: McGough closely monitors trade sequencing and coordination.
  • Contract administration: Project superintendents carefully review bids, verifying that the scope of work is complete and correct.
  • Site coordination: McGough is responsible for all on-site project activities, including safety, security and quality.
  • Cost control: McGough uses proprietary computerized accounting and job cost systems to provide clients with reliable accounting and cost-related figures.
  • Quality control: McGough works with project team members to ensure that workmanship, materials and methods are consistent with quality requirements.
  • Project management reporting: McGough maintains and updates detailed, comprehensive catalogs of project-related reports for review by the client and project team.
  • Insurance administration: Throughout the course of a project, McGough tracks the insurance programs of all subcontractors and suppliers.